Monday, January 21, 2013


Last night we had a campfire in our back yard.  This was nothing new to me but my little sister had never done anything like that before and she was a little scared.  Momi tried to get her to sit in the chair but she wouldn't.  She kept barking at the trees and every little noise.  Momi sat with me at the table and she drank her hot tea and we watched the fire.  It was fun for us but not for Cha Bu.  She could not be still and kept walking back and forth in the yard.   Momi tried holding her to calm her down and soon she was quiet.

This is the only photo Momi could get of Cha Bu being still.

Here she is climbing up on the table.

Here she is pacing back and forth.

Momi says we are going to do it again tonight.  Maybe Cha Bu will not be so frightened this tiime.