Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Me and Cha Bu went for a ride in the motorhome today.  Momi is trying to teach her how to sit in the passenger seat with me while we are moving.  It's gonna take some training but I think she'll eventually get the hang of this RV travel business.
Little Cha Bu is not sure of what to do in a motorhome. She is in constant motion exploring and also wants to be on Momi's lap.   I will admit that I do take up most of the room available on the seat but I am willing to share.

We rode to New Orleans where Momi had an appointment.  We didn't get out of the RV but we did eat some snacks while we were parked in a parking lot.  I love to ride in the RV.  I get so upset if Momi leaves in the RV without me.  I'm just a travelin' dog.


  1. You guys look SUPER COMFY in that seat. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Hi Sadie... We are very comfortable in our little doggie beds. It's so much fun to go for a ride in the RV. Thanks for stopping by.