This is what I looked like when my momi brought me home from the breeder on August 6, 2010.  I was a year and a half old.  I was born on February 1, 2009.
I was used to breed little puppies for a breeder but I got too big so she let my momi buy me from her.  I should weigh about 10 pounds but I weighed about 15 when I was adopted and now I weigh 20 pounds.  I'm just a big standard Shih Tzu.  I had one litter of pups, 3 little ones, before I was adopted by my momi.  They are very beautiful doggies with blue eyes and maybe one day I can visit them.

This was taken one week after momi brought me home.

My first dress.

My third week with my new momi.

I like to ride the bike with my momi.  It was taken three months after I arrived.

Four months after I arrived.  Momi was letting my hair grow out and my beard is really long in this photo.

Five months after arrival.  This is my first camping trip in the motorhome.

Six months after arrival.  It's my birthday and I'm 2 years old.

My first fireplace.

Seven months after arrival.  This is my favorite place in the  motorhome.  We are camping at the State Park in Grand Isle, La.

My eighth month since arrival.  Momi is teaching me how to stand up for a treat.

My ninth month after arrival.  I love to play fetch with Momi in the back yard.

My first swim in the Gulf of Mexico.  We were camping in Waveland, Mississippi.

Nine months after arrival.  This is the second time I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.  This time we were camping at Grand Isle.

My momi likes to comb my hair alot.  This is the first time she made me pigtails.

Tenth month after arrival.  I went swimming again and here I am drying off on top of the picnic table.

Eleventh month after arrival.  Here I am with my good neighbor Prince.  He is an American Eskimo dog and I love him alot.

Momi loves my pigtails.