Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I dressed like a pirate and went Trick or Treating with my doggie pals.  We had some doggie treats and walked up and down the street and met some of our neighbors.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are some photos of us.  They came out a little blurry because we were jumping so much.

Prince is dressed as the Saints mascot dog.

That's Maya and Prince and me waiting for a treat from Miss Evelyn.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Momi wants to have my hair cut because we are going to the beach and I get my face really dirty in the sand so it would be less trouble it if was short. 

It was a hard decision for her to make as she loves my long hair.

So... here is what I now look like.  Momi's not really happy with my new look but it sure is a lot more comfortable for me.

Monday, October 8, 2012


It's been 8 months since my last post.  We had recently returned from our trip to Texas and Momi gave me a birthday party.  Our trip to Texas was a lot of fun.  We parked on the beach and I got to run in the sand and swim in the water.  I've also been to all of the State Parks in Louisiana with Momi and we had a good time.  There are many photos of me on those travels that are posted on Momi's blog.  I'll post a few of them here also.

This summer Momi has been busy making arts and crafts to sell in May during the Island Wide Garage Sale in Grand Isle, LA.  She does this every year and usually sells a lot of her crafts.

We stayed home all summer because it is too hot to enjoy any travels during the hot summer months.  Momi likes to go camping in the winter months.  So we are now gettting ready for our next trip.  First we will spend a week or so in Grand Isle at the beach, next week.  Then in November we will visit a casino in Marksville, LA that has an RV park.  In December we will travel back to the Texas Gulf Coast for a month or so.  When we return we will stay awhile at the beach in Grand Isle again.  We love it there.

Here are some photos of our latest travels.  Enjoy!

Made a friend with this little male doggie at Fairview Riverside State Park.

Doing my co-pilot duties.

Enjoying the lake at Kincaid Beach.

Chillin with a tiny Shih Tzu doggie at Lake Bruin.

This doggie didn't have a leash and was running all over the campground at Poverty Point State Park.  We made friends and I really liked him. 

I really wanted to ride on that bike.  Nice lady we met at North Toledo Bend State Park.

Enjoying myself on the cool sand at South Toledo Bend State Park - one of my favorites.

Enjoying the beach at Cypremort Point.

A doggie friend at SKP Park in Livingston, Texas.

Me and Momi at Surfside Breeze Beach in Texas.

Making friends in Magnolia Beach, Texas with a little male Shih Tzu.

More doggie friends.

Doggie friend Sophie and Ms. Chris in Magnolia Beach, Texas.

I had to wear shoes because there were so many burrs on the ground that cut my feet.

Chillin on my chair at I B Magee Beach in Port Aransas, Texas.

More doggie friends and Ms. Chris and Ms. Donna.

New doggie friend I met at a New Year's Party in Houma, LA.

This is a kitty cat my Momi rescued.  She really liked me and always wanted to sleep next to me on the sofa.  We placed her with a loving family that lives next door.  They named her Kiki.

I met this doggie friend in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

I went to a Mardi Gras parade in Houma with my Momi and friends but was very afraid of all the loud noise.

Me and Prince in the motorhome.  He gets amorous at times.

Back home and enjoying a day at the beach in Grand Isle, LA.

Mr. Pat visiting us at the Grand Isle State Park.  He's my good friend but talks on the phone alot.

Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico at the Grand Isle State Park.

Me and Momi at the Grand Isle State Park on our last visit in April.

Maya all grown up.

Momi rescued another kitty cat.  This one she is keeping.  We named her Ali Cat.  We found her in our front driveway.

My Momi turned 65 and had a surprise birthday party with a tropical theme. 

Well, that's all for now.  I think I'm just about caught up on my blog... so until next time...

Monday, February 20, 2012


My neighbors Ms. Evelyn and Mr. Roberto got a little Chihuahua puppy.  Her name is Maya Liani and she is 6 weeks old.  She came over to my house for a visit and my Momi played with her and held her and kissed her and I was so jealous.  I did not want to get near her and when she tried to play with me I walked away.

Momi says that it will take time for me to get used to her.  She is very small and I smelled her and I know she is a baby but she is not my baby.  I had 3 babies and I remember the smell.

Momi had an idea to make her something to wear.  It is cold and she is so small that we need to make sure she stays warm.  So Momi found some socks that were furry and colorful and thought that if she cut the top off she could make a sort of tank dress for little Maya.  She cut holes for her front legs and then sewed a hem in the holes and the hem and the little dress looked great on Maya.

Momi went to the store and bought another pair of socks and made 2 more dresses for her.  Here are some photos of little Maya in her first little dress.  Momi says she wears red well.

WOW, this is warm.

I really like my new dress.

I'm a little afraid of you Maya.

Is she looking for what I think she's looking for???

Hey little doggie. 

Come on Xi Shi... let's play.

Hi Auntie Linda.

I luv my Mommy.

My Momi says that next time I see Maya will be at her house.  Maybe I'll be more friendly towards her if she's not around my things.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am 3 years old today.  Momi and I had a little birthday party with a Valentine's Day theme.  I got to eat my favorite doggie treats and wear my favorite blue dress and I even wore a birthday hat.  Momi took lots of photos of me for my blog.

I got lots of new toys.

My Valentine necklace.

My Valentine toy doggie.

I love my rawhide bone.

It was lots of fun.  I'm a lucky little ShihTzu.  I hope I get another birthday party real soon... just kidding Momi. 

Here's some more photos of my party.

Miss Evelyn made my birthday cake.

I gave her a big thank you kiss.

Yummy, carrot cake... my favorite.

My best pal Prince is looking at that doggie bone.  I wonder if it's for me?

Yes, I got it.

Prince got one, too.

Then we both got to eat cake.

Thank you Momi for a fun party.