Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Me and Cha Bu went for a ride in the motorhome today.  Momi is trying to teach her how to sit in the passenger seat with me while we are moving.  It's gonna take some training but I think she'll eventually get the hang of this RV travel business.
Little Cha Bu is not sure of what to do in a motorhome. She is in constant motion exploring and also wants to be on Momi's lap.   I will admit that I do take up most of the room available on the seat but I am willing to share.

We rode to New Orleans where Momi had an appointment.  We didn't get out of the RV but we did eat some snacks while we were parked in a parking lot.  I love to ride in the RV.  I get so upset if Momi leaves in the RV without me.  I'm just a travelin' dog.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Since I have gained a little weight lately, I can't fit into some of my pretty dresses.  So, I gave my little sister my yellow dress and it fits her nicely.

We had fun playing in the yard today.  The weather here is just beautiful.

Momi tried the dress on me first to see if it still fit and it does NOT.  I'm tired telling her I'm a size LARGE!

Well... gotta go now.  It's supper time.


Last night we had a campfire in our back yard.  This was nothing new to me but my little sister had never done anything like that before and she was a little scared.  Momi tried to get her to sit in the chair but she wouldn't.  She kept barking at the trees and every little noise.  Momi sat with me at the table and she drank her hot tea and we watched the fire.  It was fun for us but not for Cha Bu.  She could not be still and kept walking back and forth in the yard.   Momi tried holding her to calm her down and soon she was quiet.

This is the only photo Momi could get of Cha Bu being still.

Here she is climbing up on the table.

Here she is pacing back and forth.

Momi says we are going to do it again tonight.  Maybe Cha Bu will not be so frightened this tiime.


My little sister Cha Bu Khan had surgery a week ago and is doing well. She will no longer be able to have puppies.  She did have some discomfort after the procedure and needed an extra shot for pain. When Momi brought her home she moaned a few times and looked a little disoriented but soon settled down and slept the rest of the day. Today she is back to her old self and chasing the cats around the house.

Momi is treating her eye every day with ointment and also cleaning out her ears and putting ear drops for the infection.  She is still taking antibiotics for a bladder infection and is no longer passing blood in her urine so that is good. However, she continues to potty on the rugs in our house. Momi has puppy pads everywhere but she will walk right past them and go to the rugs.

Not sure why she has regressed in this potty behavior but we are taking more walks outside so she can potty every couple of hours.  She drinks a lot of water and goes more frequently than I do. Once she has healed and her health is back to normal I think she will use her puppy pads again.

The good news is that she is winning my love and affection.  I will play with her and am more accepting of her now. The cats are coming around too and yesterday we were all sleeping on the sofa together. This makes Momi very happy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We just got back from our second trip to the Texas Gulf Coast.  We stayed one week boondocking on the beach and one week in a beach campground with hookups and another week at stops along the way.  It got real cold and windy during our stay and we had to move around to get away from the strong winds that rocked the motorhome alot.

Once we were back home in Houma, Momi started looking for another doggie to adopt.  She wanted a Shih Tzu because she says the breed suits her personality.  I'm glad because I am a Shih Tzu and I love my Momi.

She looked at a few online sites for rescued dogs but was not able to see them during the holidays so she called a lady that she got me from 2 years ago.  We went to her house and Momi saw the doggie she wanted.  She is a 2 year old Shih Tzu and looks just like me.  She was a breeder dog just like I was.  She had already had 2 litters of pups and is now going to be retired.

Momi named her Cha Bu Khan after a famous Chinese Empress.

I think she is very cute. 

She follows me everywhere.  She's much smaller than I am. 

I even let her play with my toys.  She likes the back yard.

Momi says she has a lot to learn before she gets as smart as I am but I'm sure she will catch on fast to our routine around here.

She tries to get me to play with her but I'm not ready for that just yet.  She's taking a lot of attention away from me and I'm a little jealous.  I've not had to share anything since I've been with my Momi and I'll have to learn it's OK to have a playmate.