Friday, December 30, 2016


In February we had a birthday party.

We all enjoyed the chicken and rice Momi made for us.  We also got new toys.

In February our Mom cut our hair.  She calls it a Bell Bottom cut.

In February we went to the Grand Isle State Park.

We love the beach.  See that white spot in the distance?  That is Cha Bu.  She just don't listen and goes too far away from us.

In March we went camping at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, LA.

In March we went back to the Grand Isle State Park.

In April we went camping at the Silver Slipper Casino RV Park in Mississippi.

In April we went back to the Grand Isle State Park.

In July we went for an afternoon to Lake End Park in Morgan City.

In October we got baths and Momi did not cut our hair short again.

In October we had a doggie Halloween party.

Me, Miya, River, Prince, and Cha Bu.

In November we went to Port Aransas, Texas.  Here we are at our first stop.  This is Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles, LA.

Going for a swim in Surfside, Texas, our second stop.

Going for a swim at Magnolia Beach, Texas - our third stop.

Here we are in Port Aransas at the I.B. Magee Beach Park.   Momi made us get up early to see the sunrise.  We weren't happy campers about that.

It was too windy for us on this day.

 This was a nice park in Quintana Beach, Texas.  We are on our way back home.  Two weeks is too long for us.  We were so ready to go home.

We like to go camping but we really like coming home too.

We're hoping we get to do a lot more camping in 2017 - short trips though.

That's all for now.