Thursday, March 28, 2013


Momi gave us a bath today.  Cha Bu went into the tub first then it was my turn.  Momi says Cha Bu is easier to bathe than I am.  I really don't like to take a bath because I don't like my face wet.  It takes twice as long to blow dry me, too.

Don't I look bright white.

This was Cha Bu's second bath and she was very well behaved.

We got to go outside after our baths.

We also got our hair trimmed - only on our face, ears, and head.  Momi does her best but sometimes it looks a little chopped up.  That's alright... it will grow back.

Momi put a purple flower in our hair.

Cha Bu Khan posing for the camera.

The weather here is great and we take several walks every day.  Momi hopes that we can take a short trip next week.  Me and Cha Bu are ready to go!    

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Momi bought us some new Spring dresses.  

Here is Cha Bu in her pink dress. 

Here I am in my yellow polka-dot dress.

Our neighbor Maya also has a new Spring dress.

And here is Prince in his "Local Bad Boy" shirt.

This Spring weather is really nice and we go outside for long walks every day.  We also play in our backyard every day.  It's nice because we are not on leash and can run and chase balls and not worry about cars in the street.  Our yard has a fence around it so we are safe.

Momi wants to ride us around in our red doggie cart but she hurt her wrist picking up her new bike so she has to wear a brace for 6 weeks and put ointment on her wrist to ease the pain from torn ligaments.  She is some upset about that.  We tell her not to worry that it will heal but she wants to go on a long trip in the RV  and now feels that we can't travel until she is healed.  April is her favorite time to travel and she will be in that brace for the whole month.  Drat!

Springtime is here... enjoy!