Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am 3 years old today.  Momi and I had a little birthday party with a Valentine's Day theme.  I got to eat my favorite doggie treats and wear my favorite blue dress and I even wore a birthday hat.  Momi took lots of photos of me for my blog.

I got lots of new toys.

My Valentine necklace.

My Valentine toy doggie.

I love my rawhide bone.

It was lots of fun.  I'm a lucky little ShihTzu.  I hope I get another birthday party real soon... just kidding Momi. 

Here's some more photos of my party.

Miss Evelyn made my birthday cake.

I gave her a big thank you kiss.

Yummy, carrot cake... my favorite.

My best pal Prince is looking at that doggie bone.  I wonder if it's for me?

Yes, I got it.

Prince got one, too.

Then we both got to eat cake.

Thank you Momi for a fun party.


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