Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Momi decided it was time to take me in to a professional groomer.  So today I got all my long hair cut off.  Momi gave the groomer a photo of how she wanted me to look but that's not what I look like.   This is me when I was a puppy.

The groomer said it was because I moved while she was cutting the top of my head.  Momi said not to worry... it will grow out soon enough.

Here is a before and after shot.



Caiche' wants to know who I am.  She doesn't recognize my new look or my pretty new smell or my neck scarf.

I'm not sure if I like this new look or not.  It sure will be easier to keep up.  Momi won't have to be combing my face every few hours or putting rubber bands in my hair.  I never liked those rubber bands and would scratch at them all the time.

Momi says I've lost my soft look and that I now have a hard look on my face - especially around the eyes.   She says I no longer look like a Shih Tzu.  I think it will look good in about a month or so when the top grows out a little.  That will give me a break from all that daily grooming.


  1. My Momi says I look like a put bull. That's OK... it will all grow out.

    Thanks for stopping by.