Monday, February 20, 2012


My neighbors Ms. Evelyn and Mr. Roberto got a little Chihuahua puppy.  Her name is Maya Liani and she is 6 weeks old.  She came over to my house for a visit and my Momi played with her and held her and kissed her and I was so jealous.  I did not want to get near her and when she tried to play with me I walked away.

Momi says that it will take time for me to get used to her.  She is very small and I smelled her and I know she is a baby but she is not my baby.  I had 3 babies and I remember the smell.

Momi had an idea to make her something to wear.  It is cold and she is so small that we need to make sure she stays warm.  So Momi found some socks that were furry and colorful and thought that if she cut the top off she could make a sort of tank dress for little Maya.  She cut holes for her front legs and then sewed a hem in the holes and the hem and the little dress looked great on Maya.

Momi went to the store and bought another pair of socks and made 2 more dresses for her.  Here are some photos of little Maya in her first little dress.  Momi says she wears red well.

WOW, this is warm.

I really like my new dress.

I'm a little afraid of you Maya.

Is she looking for what I think she's looking for???

Hey little doggie. 

Come on Xi Shi... let's play.

Hi Auntie Linda.

I luv my Mommy.

My Momi says that next time I see Maya will be at her house.  Maybe I'll be more friendly towards her if she's not around my things.


  1. You both are so cute !!! How nice to have a little friend.

  2. Gah! Cuteness alert. Maya is totally cutetastic.