Saturday, August 27, 2011


Had a great time at the beach with my Momi.  We go there often because it is the closest campground to where we live.  Here are some photos of me taken on this trip.

Chillin' on the beach.  The cool, wet sand feels good on my belly.  It's really hot today and not much of a breeze.

I love to smell the sand.  So many smells... so little time.

Don't know why but smelling sand always makes me want to potty.  Momi will bury it when I'm done.

This is our setup near the bathhouse.  I really like my new red trailer.  It's fun to ride in.  I get tired if I walk too far especially in this heat.

This is a stray dog that came on the beach while we were there.  Momi called the office to report it but no one came to get it.  Eventually, it walked down the beach until we couldn't see it anymore.  I feel sorry for the doggie.  He must have been thirsty and hungry and had no one to love him.  How sad.  Momi was worried that he would attack me so she held me close till he was out of sight.  I barked at him when he got close to us but I don't think he was mean.  He just kept walking away.  I think he could sense our fear.

I'm back home now and enjoying my walks in the neighborhood with my doggie friend Prince. 

I have a good life.

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