Monday, August 22, 2011


Yes, I'm at the beach again.  Momi said we would stay a week.  YEAH!!!

When Momi took me for a walk this afternoon I led the way.  I remember how to get to the crossover and then to the beach.   When I see the water I get so excited.  Momi let me go in the water just a little then we walked far away down the beach.

There was no one on the beach so Momi took my leash off.  I am very brave and didn't walk next to my Momi.  I like to walk a little ways from her but I do keep up.  Sometimes Momi calls me to come to her and I do. 

I like to smell everything that is on the beach.  I get my face real dirty with sand but I don't care.  When I get back to the motorhome I get in the pool and wash off the sand before going inside.

I love the beach.

Here is an example of how dirty I get.

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