Saturday, January 11, 2014


Cha Bu was born in New York!  OH NO... she's a yankee!!  ;-)

My Momi researched the breeder's name and found her website.   She emailed the breeder and asked if she could get a photo of Cha Bu when she was little.  The breeder responded and was happy to hear from us.  She sent photos of Cha Bu's parents as well as a photo of Cha Bu when she was a puppy. 

Cha Bu Khan
Original name:  Becca's Blue Cajun Dreamaker

Becca's Flashy Pants MoJo - the dad

Becca's Sparkling Crystal Gem - the mom

They are so cute.  We think that Cha Bu looks more like her dad.

OK, Momi... now it's my turn.  Please find out who my parents were. 


My dear little Xi Shi Quan, Momi has found your lineage.  The AKC has sent us 5 generations of your Pedigree.  You were born Sky French (liver and white) in Lafayette, Louisiana - so you are a Cajun.

When you were a puppy.

Your mother's name is Baby French (red and white) - daughter of Noah Ardoin and Anne Ardoin.  

Your father's name is Texas French Baby (silver and white) - son of Ambrosius Frenchkiss and Sassy Bonnie Girl.


As soon as I receive the Pedigree Chart of Cha Bu Khan I will post her information here as well.


  1. We have three Shih-Tzu dogs. We were going to breed them but changed our minds. Had the girls fixed. The boy is still raring to go, but can't find any at home. Poor guy!!

    1. As soon as I got my little Shih Tzus I had them fixed.