Thursday, January 30, 2014


This is the Pedigree for Cha Bu Khan (Beccas Bluecajun Dreamaker).
Cha Bu Khan

This is the Pedigree for Xi Shi Quan (Sky French).
Xi Shi Quan

The Chart is so long that I had to cut it in half in order to read it.  Below are the two halves of her Chart. 

Paternal Side

Maternal Side.

Xi Shi's Maternal GGG Grandfather was a Champion Show Dog.  His name was Live Oak's Some of the Bubbli.

I often think about entering my babies in the show ring but it is a lot of work and I don't think I'm up to it.


  1. We got three and they all have pedigrees. Thought a few times about showing them, then decided not too. Too much work and we would rather give a couple of them short hair cuts. They have a lot of undercoat and get their hair in knots very quickly. The male has no undercoat and we do not cut his hair short, although all three of them get groomed. He likes to prance around and show off. Of course when we are traveling, he has to visit every tree or post. Typical boy. . .

    1. Hi Dizzy... Our Momi grooms us several times a day. We don't always want to be groomed but our Momi insists. She really enjoys having that intimate time with us. Having 3 Shih Tzus must be a lot of work... but we are special little doggies and our humans are happy to have us. Thanks for stopping by.