Monday, December 23, 2013


Momi took us to Florida and we came home in a new motorhome.  At first we didn't like it.  It is VERY SMALL compared to our old RV.  The first night we didn't even have a place to sleep because there was so much stuff packed in bags and stacked everywhere.  But soon Momi cleared out a lot of stuff and we now have our own bed.  We still try and jump into Momi's bed but she makes us go back to our own.  We had a queen bed in the other RV and we all slept together.  We liked that.  We want to be close to our Momi.

We were very good little doggies on the long trip to and from Florida and slept most of the day while Momi drove.  We're glad to be home.


  1. We love Shih-Tzus. We have three of them and they love to travel.